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You've got 7 seconds to sell — here's how to maximize your listing.

Sunday, June 7, 2020   /   by Dave Magua

You've got 7 seconds to sell — here's how to maximize your listing.

Buyers are already embracing the new rules, and the only potential issue is how soon sellers and their listing agents will figure it out as well. Here are our top five tips for real estate agents looking to capitalize on their seven seconds:
1. Educate
Learn how to handle classic seller arguments. These include, “We want to give the buyers the opportunity to upgrade the home the way they want to,” or “If we replace the carpet, the buyer may not like it and we will have wasted our money.”
These arguments are effectively dead. Today’s buyers, in large, do not want to fix up homes. When sellers ask why they should spend money to upgrade when a buyer might change things once they move in, the question you ask in return is, “If you can spend $1,000 to make $2,000-$3,000, does it matter what buyers do when they move in?”
Sellers must understand that buyers are looking for homes that meet their criteria, not the seller’s. Homes that resonate with current buyers’ tastes will reap significant rewards, while homes that do not will languish on the market.
2. Maximize
Buyers want updated kitchens and baths with solid surface counters, contemporary tile, upscale laminate floors, energy-saving features and more. Today’s time-stressed buyers do not have the time, energy or even the know-how to fix up a home. Most will gladly pay a premium for gorgeous, move-in-ready properties.
It’s important to not over-improve. We are looking for maximum effect at the lowest cost. Therefore, focus on removing objections rather than carte blanche renovations per se.
3. Stage
It’s no secret that staging works. Given the seven to 10 seconds and new buyer behaviors, it’s all about the online pictures that are optimized for mobile devices. While I understand it may not be cost effective in all markets, there are options available, including virtual staging. Make sure that the staging furnishings match the current styles in local furniture stores.
4. Showcase
No smartphone pictures allowed. All our listings include drone footage, 30 to 40 magazine-quality, high-quality stills, floor plan, video and more.
Professional photographers are must. Spend the money to get it done well. You only have one opportunity to put your best foot forward to the world.
5. Prioritize
Keep buyers engaged as long as possible by showing the best shots first. Start with a great shot of the outside then show key areas of the home first. Follow up with bedrooms, hallways and miscellaneous areas. End with drone shots of the area and local amenities. If they like what they see, they will spend more time on your site and follow up with a visit in person.
Don’t like the new reality? Better get used to it — it’s here to stay. We understand and can help you navigate the new playbook.

Here is a live example below of how the wold should see your property.
This is how the buyer needs to me !

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